Mounting instruction

GM Engines

Problem: The ignition coil system is installed flush mount in the cylinder head cover. It cannot be grasped by the hands. Attempts of trying to dismount these coils with the help of a screwdriver often lead to damages of the coil system: The internal wire connections break, the coil system fails.

To avoid this, it is mandatory to use a special tool to dismount the ignition system:


Tool application examples

U6001, U6041, U6042

The tool can be used for the following (GM) coil systems as well:

U6002, U6003, U6007, U6010, U6019, U6022, U6027, U6028, U6029, U6031, U6035, U6039


Oil leakage

A damaged or worn cylinder head cover gasket can lead to oil in the spark plug shaft. This may cause electrical contact or insulation problems. Inspect spark plug shaft before installing a new ignition coil unit.